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Kitesurfing Sicily

Kitesurfing in Sicily Lo Stagnone

What are the characteristics of the spot?

Where to go for first kitesurfing lesson

Lo Stagnone in Sicily is a perfect place to begin your adventure with kitesurfing. Our huge lagoon with flat, shallow water and a steady thermal wind will help you make very fast progress.  

The wind here is almost 300 days a year and it blows on average from the North and South. Southern wind usually is much stronger and a bit more gusty than Northern wind. Northern wind is more stable and is supported by thermal wind. So you can always add some extra knots to the forecast from wind guru Lo Stagnone.


What size kite in Sicily is the best?

The wind is present here all year long, but the windiest months are March, April, October, November, December. For these months, it’s best to prepare small kites from 7 – 9 meters. Of course, you should also be ready for days with wicker wind, when you will need something bigger, such as 12-14 meters. During these months, Southerly wind, called “Sirocco”, is colder and gustier..

In summertime, from May untill the end of September, the weather forecast and the actual weather usually differ. Of course in favor on the spot.

The wind is warm and steady, blowing most of the time from the North. This is time for Thermal wind, our Sicilian Breeze.

Thermal wind in Sicily gives us an extra 5-8 knots. If the wind is not blowing in the morning, you can expect it in the afternoon, when gets stronger throughout the day. Most of the time, the wind blows until sunset and afterward, it drops.

You need to be ready that you start your kitesurfing session with a big kite and you finish them on a smaller kite. In the summertime, be prepared for any scenario. It can blow 40 knots, but most used kites are 9 – 14 meters.

Do I need a wetsuit for Kitesurf in Sicily?

In July, August, and September, the average air temperature is over 30 C and the water is around 30 C. You don’t need a wetsuit for warmth in Sicily during this season. But you can have short fin lycra or wetsuit that will protect your body from the elements and UV sunlight.

Remember about protection! The sun in Sicily is very strong and can turn your holidays into a nightmare with a sunburn. Sun screen, lycra, sunglasses, and water are essential to use every day. Make sure that you have them with you.


Bring any long leggings to protect your legs. There can be specific plants in the lagoon that can cause an allergic reaction, especially on shaved . They are not dangerous, but contact with them is not the nicest. Lycra or any material on your legs will avoid them perfectly.

From September to June, you will need a wetsuit. The wind and water get colder. A wetsuit thickness of  3.2 or 4.3 will be enough.

Flat, Choppy or Wave Kitesurfing Spot in Sicily?

The main kitesurfing spot in Sicily is Laguna Lo Stagnone. It’s the biggest Lagoon in Europe! Here you will find the best conditions for Freestyle, wakestyle, and unhooked tricks. Choppy water here doesn’t exist! The water is perfectly flat, and in some places, you can even see your kite reflection like a mirror with 30 knot wind. Shallow water with some seagrass underneath avoids any ripples on the water. In 80% of Lagoon area you are able to touch the bottom. The water depth depends on the place, from 15 cm up to 1.5 meters.

If you would like to ride some surf boards and catch some waves, that’s no problem! 50 km from Lo Stagnone is Puzziteddu Reff, in the direction of Mazara del Vallo. There you will find regular waves, deeper open sea, kitesurfers and windsurfers.

Our Kitesurfing School in Sicily offers kite lessons at every level. If you are already an independent kitesurfer, we can show you the best places on the spot, and organize some freestyle or downwind session together.

What to do in Sicily when is now wind


Sicily is an amazing Island and offers you so much to see. It can deliver you a lot of new experience. No windy days is not a problem here at all.
NO WIND NO PROBLEM this is what we say in Sicily.
Erice, Favignana, Trapani, Marsala, Palermo, Etna, Hot springs, Cliff diving, Trekking in National Park Zingaro. It’s just a part of stunning places which you can explore in no wind days in Sicily. We are sure that you will not have enough time to see all of them because we have 70% of windy days.
We strongly recommend to come here at least for 10 days. It’s so much to see and do here. Not only kitesurfing.
One of our favourite trips is a boat trip to Favignana. We call it our Sicilian Caribbean. Amazing pure crystal blue water, a lot of small bays where you can stop your boat and delicious fresh Tuna which you can buy in local market.

If you plan to come to Sicily don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you organise your kitesurfing holidays.
Apartments, Kite Course or Trips everything that you need in one place.